‘Weapon of Jihad’ gets a new review!

Booksonthemove.com has just given us a ‘Must Have Book!” rating for our book, ‘Weapon of Jihad’! It has been 14 years since we wrote it and were called ‘paranoid and McCarthyistic’ by one radio host two weeks before 9/11. The completely fictional government we set up for the area has formed up exactly the way we wrote it. Let’s hope the rest of the story never happens.



Al Quaeda Plans a Bio Weapon Attack Through the Southern Border…As I Wrote in 1999.


This link takes you to an article about plans that Al Qaeda has for a bio weapon attack on the  U.S.  It is uncannily similar to the plot of our book, ‘Weapon of Jihad’.  I have tried to warn our government since 1999 about this very scenario and it seems that nobody is listening.  Please go to amazon.com and look up Weapon of Jihad for a complete description of the book and what we have been saying all this time. America….PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!

Accidental Prophecy- What I Wrote in 1999 Continues to Unfold

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This is an article about the new and budding relationship between Iran and Iraq. In 1999, I wrote a book called ‘Weapon of Jihad’. Each day I would take a long walk around the ranch. At the beginning of the walk, I would pray until I ran out of things to pray about and then my mind would empty. Soon, the plot to my book would begin to form and it would continue until I came back to the house and quickly write it down before I could forget it. In the book, I described a completely fictional government relationship between Iraq and Iran after Saddam would be removed. I had no clue that he would actually be removed, but it fit into my plot so I wrote it that way. The governments of Iran and Iraq would then be coming together in a coalition to destroy the U.S. by starting an epidemic of smallpox and then following up with a military attack from the Texas Border. On 9/11, I watched the TV reports in horror as they described things that I had written in the book. At the time we published it, we were told we were crazy because nobody would dare attack the U.S. We wrote that they would use our own aircraft against us and that there were sleeper cells all over around military bases just waiting for their cue. Then, as I watched Saddam leave power, I wondered about the new relationship between the two nations. This article tells you that what I wrote about the relationship between Iran and Iraq in 1999 is now coming true. So, this is a short blog but I wanted to keep you up on what I know about this situation.