Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium New Review

I just received a new review for ‘Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium’.
“I could not put this book down. It was written so well. The author is sincere and genuine throughout the book telling her life story about being psychic. Never once did she charge for help or solicit to do readings, rather it is about HER experiences on a day to day basis with the unknown. She will be a great help to all her gifted grandchildren to guide and advise them as they discover their own gifts. Absolutely. Get this book. “

Thank you so much to this lovely reader who took the time to write this review for me!


Audiobook for ‘Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium’ Now Available on

AUDIOBOOK FORMAT JUST RELEASED THIS WEEK! It is now available on Sales are great. Download a copy to help you on those long drives or when you are working out. Thank you everyone!

‘Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium’ Audiobook Now Available on

ImageThis audiobook is now available on! Here is a link.

Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium Interview

Guess What Everybody! I am going to be interviewed Sunday night at 8 Central time about my book, Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium! I am so excited! I will be sending out a link for you when I get it. I hope you can listen to it!

Investigations of the Unexplained
Hosted by Hunter Joe and sarge
Featuring Paraanne of Spirits Wake

Audiobook in Production

This book will be available as an audiobook within a month! L.A. Voiceover is doing the production. I just LOVE Deon’s voice and inflection. I wrote the book, but she makes even me get chills hearing it. I will keep you posted as to the release date!

When the Spirits Come Out to Play at Christmas

Do ghosts like Christmas? Yes. Do they like remote control helicopters? Yes.

When my family is here, I do my best to keep things normal for them. But sometimes things are not in my control.

My grandchildren gleefully opened their gifts and began to play immediately. The toddlers rode their riding toys, the older ones played with their new dolls and the near-teen began putting on her fake fingernails. Among the gifts put off until later were two remote-controlled helicopters.

Of course, these needed batteries and the instructions waited to be read. Finally, when things began to settle down, my son began to explore the helicopters and what they could do. We were in the house because it was so cold outside so the little helicopters buzzed first the Christmas tree and then the cat. Nobody was safe.

Finally, bath time came and the adults busied themselves with all that is required there. My grandson saw his opportunity to finally get to play with his helicopter without his Dad’s ‘help’. Both of the remotes were sitting quietly on the dining table and my grandson picked up the helicopter and started toward the remote. But before he could get to it, the little helicopter took off out of his hand! He and I watched as the helicopter hovered and flew around the room, seemingly without anyone running it. My grandson turned to me and said, “It’s doing that by itself!” The very second another adult came back into the room, the helicopter dropped out of the air to the floor.

Now, my grandson and I knew what we had just seen. Nobody could tell us that we had not just witnessed that toy play with itself. But when we tried to tell the others what had just happened, they all tried to come up with things to explain that away. But the fact was that the remotes were both resting on the table.

A little history might help here. My grandson had a twin that was reabsorbed early on in the pregnancy. Nobody ever told him this and we were very careful not to let him hear about it. In fact, we pretty much forgot it…..until he started talking to someone at age 4. When asked who he was talking to, he replied, “My twin brother.” Hmmm. There was no way he knew about the fact that there had been a twin. But he regularly talks to his twin to this day. He stands in front of the mirror and talks to him. We asked him what his twin looks like and he said the twin looks just like him. He has now given him a name…Jayden.

So, I truly believe Jayden wanted his turn with the helicopter too.  Merry Christmas Jayden!

Ghosts Can Be So Literal!

This weekend, my husband and I attended a wedding and stayed in a motel that is known to be haunted. I do my best to avoid putting myself in the situation of trying to sleep while resident spirits do their best to get my attention. It just does not make for a restful night.

The hotel we stayed in is part of what is now called Fort Clark Springs in Brackettville, Texas. I have written about many of the events that happened to me there while we lived in Brackettville (‘Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium’ available on or Fort Clark Springs used to be an Army Post back in the day and many people died there. To make matters more interesting, there is the ‘White Lady’ who can show up anywhere on the Fort according to legend. I have felt her presence many times myself but I have never seen her like many other people.

But this trip was not supposed to be a ghost hunt. I have never participated in a ghost hunt because….well…I do not have to hunt for ghosts. They find me. It has been explained to me that spirits can tell which people can discern them and that they often want to do their best to get attention from such people. My own mother, as she was dying, gave me a clue about this aspect of my gift.

Mom had been talking to angels for a day or so when I tapped her shoulder to tell her that I was going to step out to get a bite to eat. I did not expect her to even hear me as she was so involved in being halfway on the other side. But, she surprised me. She came out of her seemed trance and grabbed my arm. Then she looked at me intently and said, “Oh my! You are SO perceptive!” Then she went right back to her trance.

I really did not know how to take that at first. What did she mean? As I have thought about that day many times since, I have decided that she was able to see what spirits see when they look at me. They instantly know that I know they are in the room. My guess is that they want to tell me something, even if it is just “Hi! I’m here!” They want my attention for some reason.

So, when I stepped into the hotel room this weekend and immediately felt the presence of spirits, I knew I was going to be a target. I did not feel anything evil, just spirits of people. Still, I did not want them to keep me awake. I stood there in the middle of the room and gave a small speech.

“Look,… yes I know you’re here….Hi….it is nice to meet you. Now, I want you to know that you are not allowed to mess with me while I am sleeping. No touching, no sitting on the bed, no pulling covers off, no voices in my ear and no throwing things at me! We will get along just fine if you will keep my rules.”

Of course, my poor husband just shook his head as he watched me give my little speech. He is getting used to it by now. He is completely clueless and has never had any experiences except when the spirit played with the remote to the portable air conditioner, turning it on and off and playing different tunes as it pushed the different buttons( complete story in my book).

With that said, I got ready for bed, confidently feeling that I could get a decent night of sleep. I closed my eyes and saw them there around me. I saw three different spirits. One was a green color and the other two were lavender and gold. I decided to ignore them. I could feel them watching me so I did have some trouble going to sleep but I did finally drop off…..until about 5 a.m. The sound of footsteps walking across the dark room woke me up. The footsteps went across the room and into the bathroom. Then, the spirits did the few things that I had not specifically listed in my rules. The next thing I knew, my travel organizer that I had hanging in the little closet began to swing back and forth. I raised up on one elbow and saw it swinging.

“Okay…that’s enough of that!”

The organizer stopped swinging, but the towel rack started squeaking like the rod was being turned. Then the towel that had been hanging on it fell to the floor. I sat up and frowned toward the bathroom. I realized that I needed to go to the restroom at that point, but there was no way I was going to go in there. Obviously, they were determined to mess with me and I just could not possibly list all the things they could do to entertain me on my list of no-no’s.

Fortunately, my husband woke up at that point and we decided to go ahead and get up and leave. As I opened the door to leave, I turned around and spoke into the air again.

“It was so nice to meet you….thanks for all the entertainment!” What else could I say?