‘Weapon of Jihad’ gets a new review!

Booksonthemove.com has just given us a ‘Must Have Book!” rating for our book, ‘Weapon of Jihad’! It has been 14 years since we wrote it and were called ‘paranoid and McCarthyistic’ by one radio host two weeks before 9/11. The completely fictional government we set up for the area has formed up exactly the way we wrote it. Let’s hope the rest of the story never happens.



Al Quaeda Plans a Bio Weapon Attack Through the Southern Border…As I Wrote in 1999.


This link takes you to an article about plans that Al Qaeda has for a bio weapon attack on the  U.S.  It is uncannily similar to the plot of our book, ‘Weapon of Jihad’.  I have tried to warn our government since 1999 about this very scenario and it seems that nobody is listening.  Please go to amazon.com and look up Weapon of Jihad for a complete description of the book and what we have been saying all this time. America….PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!