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Paranormal vs. Coincidence: It was the ghost of Billy afterall!

What makes a ghost hang around instead of going home to the Afterlife?  Maybe it is the desire to be an invisible friend to a child.  This is a followup blog to ‘Balloon Attack’.

So my three-year-old granddaughter came to see me this weekend and she set me straight on something that had bewildered me.  If you read my blog named ‘Balloon Attack’, I mentioned that I was not sure if the events that occurred in that room that night were paranormal or just coincidence.

To refresh my readers’ memories, we had gone to my granddaughter’s birthday party and we stayed that night at her house.  I am always the last one to bed so it is dark in the room when I climb into bed.  I immediately saw spirit when I got into bed.  It showed itself to be a blue color and I spoke to it. “Yes, I know you are here….Hi.” Then, I just went to bed because I was very tired.

It was not very long after I fell to sleep that a box fell from a dresser to the floor with a thud.  I rolled over and thought about it for a second, then decided that it could be just coincidence and fell to sleep again.  Before long, I was awakened again by the string of a helium balloon brushing up against my face.  When I opened my eyes, I saw it moving around the room coming back for more so I grabbed it and put it in a nearby bassinet and covered it with clothing items I found close by.  Sure enough, it escaped and came back for more fun, only this time it woke my husband also.  I grabbed it again and took it out to the hall to tie it to a doorknob out there.  Fortunately, it did not escape that trap.  In the morning, I justified to myself that it was all just normal occurrences.  Wrong.

It seems my granddaughter has an imaginary ‘friend’ named Billy.  When she cannot find things, she tells her mother that Billy moved hid it from her.  My daughter-in-law told me that there is constant chatter coming from her daughter’s room.  When she asks who her daughter is talking to, she is told “Billy”.

Then, there’s the baby.  The baby wakes up in the middle of the night or day and just smiles and coos and ‘talks’ to someone nobody can see.  Her older sister tells her mother that it is Billy.

Now, I could believe that it could be just an imaginary friend.  But there are a few things that tell me otherwise.  First of all, ‘Billy’ is not a name my granddaughter has known.  It is not a name that is in vogue at the time and she has never heard the name as far as her mother knows.  Next, I saw spirit in the house and then was tormented by it myself!

Children are just more open and are therefore more able to see spirits.  My other granddaughter visited with her other grandmother daily for six years….the only problem was that the grandmother died two months before she was born and she spoke only Spanish.  When questioned about how she could understand her grandmother because she spoke only Spanish, my granddaughter said she had no trouble understanding her.

So, I just threw the doubt out the window finally and accepted that my granddaughter has a great little spirit friend named Billy, who turns out to be quite the prankster!

Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium


Hello Everyone!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Karen and I have recently decided that I should confess a secret I have hidden for years. I have the gifts of Prophecy and Discernment that God has given me to use for His purposes. I grew up very confused because I was never taught about these gifts in the churches I attended. In fact, many of them let it be known that they did not believe that God has current prophets. They believed that those gifts were only for the original church. I am here to say that they are wrong.

It plainly says in the  Bible that He will poor out his gift of prophecy on many in the last days…and I believe we are there. I allowed the opinions of others to keep me silent for many years in an effort to avoid confrontation and keep peace in the Church. Now, I believe that it is time to tell the truth.

My hope is to help others out there who have the gifts and who do not know what to do with them. I am not claiming to be all-knowing about these things. Everything I know has been gleaned by experience. For 45 years, I have stumbled along with the gift, learning along the way about the purposes, pitfalls and dangers involved. I have no control over the gift by choice. After taking control of the gift and using it inappropriately, I asked forgiveness and I asked that God only give me what He wants me to know or do. He has honored that request.

Recently, my grandchildren have begun to exhibit the gifts and I have decided that I must help them learn more about their gifts and what to do with them. I am insistent that they realize that these gifts come from God and they must use them for His Honor and Glory only. The temptations to use them for one’s own purposes are rampant and start early.

To help them understand a little more, I have written a book called Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium. In this book, I have chronicled all the events of my life concerning the gift and explained what I have learned about them. I then realized that there are many more people like myself out there in the world who might also like to read it.

It is my hope that, with this blog, I can connect with others who have had similar experiences. My gift did not end when I published this book. I continue to have manifestations of the gift and God continues to bless me by letting me serve Him. It is here, on this blog, that I will continue to chronicle the mysterious events that go along with this gift.

If you would like to ride along with me or contact me, add your email address to the list at the right. Whenever anything happens, I will post it here. Also, you will be able to buy the book on Amazon.com. It is available in ebook format or as a paperback or audiobook.