Saying Goodbye in a Premonition Dream

  I have always had prophetic dreams, but this one involved a spiritual connection with my aunt who was, unknowingly to me, dying at the time. And I loved it!

  My Aunt Millie was my mother’s oldest sister and I had plenty of visiting time with her when I was growing up. Her energy was amazing! She was the spitfire of all the sisters and it was always interesting to me to just watch her live her life. She was a very strong woman with a positive attitude that led her into many fun times. Even at age 91, she was in the process of sneaking past her daughters to get her driver’s license renewed. They had to watch her like a hawk.

  My dream occurred about a month before her death. I dreamed that her two daughters, my sister and I were all together in a kitchen somewhere. My aunt walked into the door and said, “Well, Girls, it’s been fun but I need to go now.” She turned to leave and I ran up to her to stop her. I told her how much I had enjoyed being in this life with her and how much she had affected me for the good. I told her how much I loved her. Then, she just smiled and turned to walk out the door.

  When I awoke that morning, I called my sister to ask her how Aunt Millie was doing. I told her about the dream. Aunt Milli had just had her 91st birthday and she was doing great. She had had a slight problem with her heart, but the doctors had corrected it and she was out and about like she always was. My sister called my cousin, her daughter, and discovered that Aunt Milli had nearly died the night I had the dream.

  But she recovered quickly and, like I wrote before, was even in the process of renewing her license. I began to think that my dream was just a dream. Then I got a call from my sister telling me that Aunt Millie had passed suddenly in the night. It took me by surprise as she had been doing so well.

  I was sad for my cousins’ loss but I was happy that I got to tell her all the things I wanted to say to her before she passed. I just have the feeling that she must have had the same dream I had dreamed…..and we had connected spiritually so I could tell her goodbye….a month before her death.

This gift is full of surprises and learning experiences.

You can read more about my learning curve in my book.




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