Holy Spirit Keeps Working….Even When I Go on a Cruise to Alaska


Holy Spirit Keeps Working....Even When I Go on a Cruise to Alaska

God blessed me with an Alaskan Cruise for our Anniversary. Even as I packed for the trip, I kept getting the message that I would be meeting someone who I could help. Sure enough, a wonderful person chose the seat next to me on the plane. We visited for a while before she revealed to me that her father had just died the night before and she was on her way to the funeral. Having been through the same thing last October, I could completely relate to her pain. As we continued to visit, I think I helped her some. But the real surprise to me was that our conversation helped to heal some of the hurt I still carry over my own father’s death. God works in wonderful ways. Anyway, if she is reading this I want to tell her that I have been praying for her and her family and that she helped me too. Our God knows what we need, even if we do not.


‘Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium’ Would Be Great for Summer Reading

Great Summer reading!! NEW AUDIOBOOK AVAILABLE! #15 this morning on Amazon.com in parapsychology. Thank you everyone!