When the Spirits Come Out to Play at Christmas

Do ghosts like Christmas? Yes. Do they like remote control helicopters? Yes.

When my family is here, I do my best to keep things normal for them. But sometimes things are not in my control.

My grandchildren gleefully opened their gifts and began to play immediately. The toddlers rode their riding toys, the older ones played with their new dolls and the near-teen began putting on her fake fingernails. Among the gifts put off until later were two remote-controlled helicopters.

Of course, these needed batteries and the instructions waited to be read. Finally, when things began to settle down, my son began to explore the helicopters and what they could do. We were in the house because it was so cold outside so the little helicopters buzzed first the Christmas tree and then the cat. Nobody was safe.

Finally, bath time came and the adults busied themselves with all that is required there. My grandson saw his opportunity to finally get to play with his helicopter without his Dad’s ‘help’. Both of the remotes were sitting quietly on the dining table and my grandson picked up the helicopter and started toward the remote. But before he could get to it, the little helicopter took off out of his hand! He and I watched as the helicopter hovered and flew around the room, seemingly without anyone running it. My grandson turned to me and said, “It’s doing that by itself!” The very second another adult came back into the room, the helicopter dropped out of the air to the floor.

Now, my grandson and I knew what we had just seen. Nobody could tell us that we had not just witnessed that toy play with itself. But when we tried to tell the others what had just happened, they all tried to come up with things to explain that away. But the fact was that the remotes were both resting on the table.

A little history might help here. My grandson had a twin that was reabsorbed early on in the pregnancy. Nobody ever told him this and we were very careful not to let him hear about it. In fact, we pretty much forgot it…..until he started talking to someone at age 4. When asked who he was talking to, he replied, “My twin brother.” Hmmm. There was no way he knew about the fact that there had been a twin. But he regularly talks to his twin to this day. He stands in front of the mirror and talks to him. We asked him what his twin looks like and he said the twin looks just like him. He has now given him a name…Jayden.

So, I truly believe Jayden wanted his turn with the helicopter too.  Merry Christmas Jayden!