Ghosts Do Not Want to Be Forgotten

Poltergeists have struck again at my house! The ghosts want their fair share of the attention.

Last year, I published ‘Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium’. It has been a very interesting year since that event.  The occurrences have not ceased at all but last week the fun became unique.

I was writing a ghost story for an anthology that my friend is going to publish soon. As I really began to get into the story, strange things started happening around the house. First, that portable air conditioner that the spirits have become adept at controlling turned itself on again….only this time it was UNPLUGGED. Hmmm. When I stepped into the room, it stopped immediately and the cats and I just stood there staring at it. Finally, I can officially say that my husband, the doubter, is wrong when he says it just has a short in it.  He had nothing to say when I told him about it and I think he thought I must be losing it.

That mindset continued until the automatic shower cleaner began to turn itself on repeatedly. He witnessed it too. The thing went off seven different times before the batteries ran out. I would have been really impressed if it had managed to go off after that…..maybe it still will.

My friends who also write ghost stories tell me that their homes become more active when they are writing about ghosts. Maybe they just want to be included in the story somehow. It sure keeps life interesting around here.