What Near Death Experiences Show Us About the Afterlife

Near death experiences are fascinating to most people.  I have been interested in the topic ever since I learned of my grandfather’s near death experience.  You see, he died twice!

The first time he died, he was pronounced dead by a doctor after an apparent heart attack and he was “dead” for about thirty minutes.  While the people around him began to mourn and prepare for a funeral, my grandfather was off on a grand adventure.  His journey began with the typical tunnel that led to the brightest light of love he had ever seen.  As he emerged from the tunnel, he saw all of his loved ones who had passed before him standing behind a white line and walked quickly up to them to greet them.  Instead of letting him come to them, they pushed him away.  He tried to go across the line again and, once again, they pushed him back.  Now he became frustrated and said,”Let me in!”  At this point, he heard a very big voice say, “It is not your time.  You still have work to do so you must go back.”  He found himself immediately back in his body, angry at having to return to the world of the living.  It did not take long for him to remember that he had been told that he had work to do for the source of the most loving feeling he had ever experienced.

He went to work immediately.  The first thing he did was to tell everyone who would listen about the wonders he had witnessed.  His depiction of Heaven inspired all who heard it and caused all fear of death to vanish in them.  He admitted to eagerly awaiting the time he could die again and stay in Heaven.  As he grew stronger, he resumed his job as a rural post carrier and witnessed to everyone along his route.  He listened to their problems and prayed with them.  He wrote hymns of praise and played his fiddle with them as he sang them.  He truly loved sharing what he knew because he knew it helped people lose their fear of death.  Then, four years later, he died for the second and last time.  When they found him, he was in his fishing boat with the most happy and peaceful smile on his face.  We all knew he was now where he had been hoping to return to all that time.

My grandmother, at age 65, responded by sewing a burial dress and laying it across the living room couch to be shown off to everyone who came to visit her.  She wanted to go the beautiful place my grandfather had described so many times.  As the years passed and she stayed alive, I remember her telling me every time we prepared to leave after visiting, “You know, I probably won’t be here the next time you come.  I’m going home.”  This tradition continued as she grew older and older.  Each time she would hear about someone dying, she would be jealous and say that it was supposed to be her turn.  She died shortly after turning 100!  She finally got her wish.

So, I love stories about Near Death Experiences!  That little peek into what is coming is fascinating to me.  I seek stories about them.  A book that I have read recently is ‘Heaven is for Real’.  This is a story about a three-year-old who nearly died during surgery.  Nobody knew that he had died until he started having strange reactions to things and saying things that are not typical of a three-year-old.  When he saw pictures of Jesus in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School, he would critique the picture.  “His hair is not that long.”  “His eyes don’t look like that.”  He described Jesus as sitting on the right side of God and he described many other things about Heaven that are discussed in the Bible.  He ran up to a dying man in a nursing home that his father was visiting and told him, “Don’t worry…the first thing you see is Jesus.”  I cannot begin to tell all of the wonders that this child described.  You should read the book!

I also love watching the series ‘I Survived- Beyond and Back’.  These are stories told by various people about their near death experiences.  They all sound so much like my grandfather as he gleefully described his experience.  I highly recommend that you watch that show.

Have any of you had a near death experience?  I would love to hear about it.  I nearly drowned when I was 2 because my aunt dropped me into the ocean from an inner tube.  I distinctly remember looking up and seeing the sun and the bottom of the inner tube through the water above me.  Tell me your stories!  I am looking forward to hearing them!


5 thoughts on “What Near Death Experiences Show Us About the Afterlife

  1. That’s very interesting! I’ve heard countless of stories quite similar to yours and people told me almost exactly the same thing. Surely there’s an afterlife!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Warm regards from Down Under,

    Subhan Zein

  2. Hi Kathy. I was introduced to your blog by a dear friend you know as Debra Kristy. She may have mentioned me to you. My name is Brandee, the one that has the 10yr old son who is having spiritual experiences . This is the first time I have been on anyone’s blog and navigating is challenging. I did not expect to write to you but just read a little about your stories. Once I read about your grandfather’s near death experience my hairs stood up on my arms and the feeling and memories all came rushing back to me. Very powerful experience! You see I too have had a near death experience and have always found it very difficult to put into words what I saw and felt that day, February 8th, 1997. I could never quite explain to the few people that asked me what it was that I experienced. Your grandfather’s words of “the brightest light of love” is exactly what I saw and felt. It was INCREDIBLE! I didn’t want to leave. I was racing as fast as my body could go to the end of what felt like a tunnel to reach that powerful feeling of peace and love. I was not thinking or caring about anything else, just getting to the end or beginning. Which ever way you want to look at it. It was beautiful and amazing and peaceful and loving and exciting and exhilerating. It was everything! I find my heart is racing and I’m getting excited just thinking and typing about it right now. It’s been so long since I have thought about it. I too heard a very strong voice but it said something different to me. Oh, and also, I had someone with me, guiding me. It was a loved one whom I believe was my great grandmother I called mimi. She had died in front of me two weeks before my 13th birthday. At the time, I loved her more than my mother. I was now 26 years old when this happened. The strong voice said to me ” Are you sure your ready to die?”. This question was repeated to me telepathically over and over again. I was not listening to the voice. That is why it was repeated so many times. Like I mentioned, all I was thinking about was getting to that place that felt sooooo good. When I finally listened, I stopped abruptly and said out loud, “no I’m not ready to die, I’m only 26 years old”. Right then, everything changed. I was going backwards now what felt like the speed of light, if that’s possible. Lets just say, very fast. I felt my spirit or soul go back into my physical body. At that time I then started repeating out loud “Please Jesus don’t stop my heart”. You see, my head was pressed against my chest and I could hear my heart beating and that was the only way I knew that I was alive. This is my precious story. I am feeling happy right now. My stomach is tingling or better yet, butterflies are dancing inside of me. I guess that’s a good thing. I have never been able to share in this way before. Thank you for your story of your grandfather for if it was not for that, I don’t think I would ever of been able to explain it.

    • Brandee,
      I am happy that my grandfather’s story gave you such great memories! Your story is wonderful and gave me chills too! I truly believe that death is not to be feared and that the love of God will surround us. I once asked Jesus to show me his face and what I saw is permanently blazed into my memory…His eyes are that beautiful, indescribable light that you are talking about. I crave seeing that again! But, like you, I have things I still have to do around here on this plane.
      I want you to know that you can call me any time if you want to. I am glad to try to help. I do not think that I am as gifted as your son, but I have had enough of a taste of the gift to understand it somewhat. I have helped my grand daughter get through some rough spots in that area. She has now accepted and taken more control of how it affects her. The darker forces also know that I will come to her rescue anytime they bother her so they have quit giving her so many attacks. I believe that their goal is to create fear in the child or in the family. All of that can be dealt with. We do have a choice. So call me if you want to talk.

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