What Do You Think About Orbs?

All the grandkids came to Christmas

This Christmas, the whole group of my grandkids came to my house. We had a blast! Then, when I looked at the pictures I had taken during all the excitement, I saw them….orbs.
I took several pictures and most of them had the little white circular orbs in them. Now the question….what are they?
I confess that I immediately jumped to the hopeful conclusion that these were the much discussed orbs that are seen on every ghost show out there today. My mother passed away in July and had been previously stopped from being with us at Christmas because of the multiple sclerosis that kept her in a nursing home for the last 8 years. I knew that this year she was free to come and join in on all the excitement generated by the grandkids every year so I actually invited her to come. My first thought after I saw the orbs was that she had indeed come to my house to join in on the celebration…and I had proof…the orbs.
I had not studied the question of orbs at all at that point but I became curious and googled the topic to find out more about them.

Folks, the jury is still out.
There are those who swear by orbs and say that they are indeed the spirits of people who have passed. These people search eagerly for orbs in all of their pictures as proof that spirits were in the room with them. These photographers eagerly post these pictures in various websites. If you google the word ‘orbs’ you can find many good examples of these pictures.
Then, there are other people who vehemently argue that these white aberrations are nothing but dust or moisture. They say that orbs never showed up in pictures until the dawn of digital cameras and that you never see these on pictures made by 35mm cameras. They go to a lot of trouble to disprove orbs, even tossing dust into the air before taking pictures to show that the dust will show up as multiple ‘orbs’ in the picture. Being a semi-scientist, I am intrigued by their studies and I have seen pollen particles that look just like these ‘orbs’ under the microscope. And some paranormal groups are now even refusing to accept orb pictures as proof of spirit presence.
So, I do not really know what to believe now. I know that my mother was there at my celebration because I could feel her presence, but I do not know that the little orbs were proof of that visit. Maybe my grandkids were just actively kicking up dust and pollen particles with all of their running around. That much is possible I suppose.
So….I am going to throw the topic out to all of you who have more experience than I have.
What do you think about orbs?


12 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Orbs?

  1. Your mother was definitely there but she stayed outside of the activity. I sense that she was stationed higher up by the ceiling and close to the corner of the room.
    You had set out something special just for her and she voices her appreciation. I am not able to get a clear image of what it was but I get the color blue. (a candle centerpiece?)

  2. Hmmm Blue….I did not set out something just for Christmas ( it has a permanent place here), but there is an antique clock that sits in the corner by the tree. It was a gift to my grandmother from my grandfather on the event of my mother’s birth…and it has a lot of blue in it. Maybe that was it.

  3. I think some orbs are spirits and some are not. When you take pictures close together…and the orb shows up in only one…there’s got to be something to that. A dust particle doesn’t zoom away. Some orbs have too much mass (a strong vibrance) to them to be dust or pollen. I think the orbs are the energy center’s of the spirits. I think we need to go with our gut feelings (which is our psyche…the part of us that KNOWS the truth) and if our gut feeling is that it’s a spirit…then it is. If your gut feeling is leaning toward a dust mote…well, it probably is!! That’s my take on it, anyway!!

  4. I get something blue and frilly. It is fabric and I think it has a ruffled hem.
    She is holding it close.
    I wonder if it is a childs dress or a doll dress.
    It is definitely something that connects you and her together.

    • That is very curious. There is not anything that was hers that I have that was blue and frilly, but the picture of the bluebonnets that hung in her room is now in my bedroom. Sitting right next to this picture is a new set of curtains that I just put up before Christmas and they are indeed blue and frilly with a ruffled hem. Maybe she just likes them. Every time I look at that picture I think of my Mom. I go to sleep looking at it. It is a path meandering through a huge patch of bluebonnets. I have to wonder if she is now in a beautiful place where she is surrounded by such a serene scene. I hope so. I know she was happy to go home.

      • Amazing! She is referring to the curtains. This is a way that spirit assures you that they are near you. By giving me the impression of the curtains she is validating that she is with you right now and is aware of the new curtains.
        You are worried about a change coming in your life. It sounds like money is involved. She wants you to relax. She states that this is what you’ve been asking for! Why are you questioning it?
        Relax and go.

  5. Ive had my camera for 5 years now and never seen orbs in my camera until my father and my live-in boyfriend of 13 years died. My father passed away sep. 1, 2013, and my boyfriend died sep.7, 2013. This was very hard for me to handle. I see these orbs in my pic. Very day, and when I’m home alone its a peacful. So if someone want to tell me that ist not real they are full of themself, because i think its my father and my boyfriend looking over me.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. You have suffered your double losses so close together and I cannot imagine how much that must have hurt. You are correct about your father and boyfriend being with you now. They will be there to comfort you as much as they can. Know that they love you and will always be with you.

  6. Enjoyed your book and am enjoying reading your blog — though it’s over a year since you wrote this installment. I’ve wondered, too, about orbs. We’ve seen many of them on pictures we’ve taken — particularly ones we took in Gettysburg, but also just random shots of family. I have nowhere near the gifts that you have or the other writers here, but haven’t sensed the orbs are the exact embodiment of spirits. They do, however, seem to be around when spirits are around. I don’t know why. I wonder if they are “balls of energy” that the spirits draw upon in order to manifest (or attempt to manifest) or are side effects of their presence. It’s definitely a curiosity.

    • I rarely take pictures in my house, but, when I do, it is usually during the holidays. This year, my daughter-in-law took one that showed an orb….right next to my mother’s birthday clock. It is a clock that my grandfather bought the day my mom was born. I mentioned in the book that my mom was unable to come to my family gatherings towards the end of her life. I am quite sure that she is free to join us now and the presence of the orb right next to her clock does not surprise me. I am sure that I still do not understand the connection between orb presence and spirit, but there is probably some connection. Let me know if you run across a good explanation out there!

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