Dreams of Prophecy

We dream every night, but some dreams become paranormal when they cross the line and become prophecy.  Experts tell us that dreams are our brain’s way of making sense of the day we just lived.  Most of our dreams are of this category…others are God’s way of getting our attention when He could not get us to sit still long enough to communicate something important to us.

I do not know if others who dream prophetically have the same parameters as I do.  You see, my prophetic dreams are in vivid color and I know to pay attention if the dream came in color.  I have recorded many of my color dreams in my book, ‘Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium’.

Don’t get me wrong.  Just because I see a dream in color does not necessarily mean it makes complete sense.  It only means that there will come a day when I see the same scene in reality.  That is what makes me wonder and worry about some of the color dreams I have seen, especially if something unpleasant occurs in the dream.

A series of dreams haunted me three nights in a row in 1980.  After the second night’s dream, I was actually afraid to go to sleep.  That fear will get you after you see yourself die!  Sure enough, the third night provided another color dream to make it a set.  I thoroughly described each dream to my husband upon waking in the morning and they bothered me for a long time before I decided that they might just have been a case of too many sweets the day before.  I went blissfully along believing that until the first one happened.

In this dream, I found myself standing at a certain place along a street in the town we lived in at the time.  Something had happened to the West and people were scared about it.  Several people came up to me and asked me, “Is the water safe to drink?”  I answered, “I don’t know, the cultures have to grow a bit longer before I will be sure”.  And that was all. It made no sense to me at the time because I was teaching and I could not figure out why anyone would ask me that question.  Little did I know or plan on the fact that I would open a water testing lab eight years later.  And when I opened the lab, I did not even think about that dream because, to be honest, I had forgotten it.  Then, ten years after I had the dream,  I found myself at the location I had seen in the dream in my little lab.  Something had happened to the water supply in Del Rio and all the faucets were pouring out brown water.  I happened to be the closest lab, so I was running the tests on the water.  I still did not make the connection between all of this and that dream until someone called me and asked me if the water was safe to drink.  “I don’t know, the cultures have to grow a bit longer before I will be sure.”

It hit me hard when I realized what had just happened.  A cascade of realization washed over me. That dream had officially come true and if that dream could come true, then the others could also.  That was very bad news.  You see, in the second dream, I saw my own death.  In the dream, something had once again happened to the West.  The street was filled with panicking people as we watched a huge pink cloud boil towards us from the West.  We stood and watched with our mouths hanging open as the pink cloud engulfed others before us and they fell down.  In particular, I remember a person on a scooter dying before the cloud got there.  Then, they got back up but they were not the same.  I remember the resignation I felt as the cloud washed over me and I fell down, only to stand back up and stare at my hands and arms as they were now different.  I knew I had died.  Then, I woke up.

Something happens to you when you see your own death.  First of all, you realize your mortality really quickly.  At that age, I had not ever thought about my own death.  I was basically invincible.  Death was something that happened to others, not me.  So, the dream scared me until I also realized that I had stood back up and was fine afterwards.  I remember thinking, “Huh…was that all?  That wasn’t so bad.”  I lost my fear of death that day.

I feared going to sleep the next evening though because these dreams were so intense that they filled my whole day with wonder.  Sure enough, the third night held another interesting dream.  I was not on the earth anymore.  In fact, I was flying/floating over the earth high above as I watched the scene below with great interest.  It was like a map, I was so high up.  A huge army of tanks shaped in a V was headed towards Israel.  The first tank had a person standing on top of it pointing viciously at Israel.  He had a white turban on his head and his face was very distinctive.  I hung around in the dream just long enough for his face to be emblazoned on my brain.  Then I woke up.

Once again, I described the dream to my husband, but neither of us could understand what it meant.  Obviously someone was out to get Israel, but I had never seen this man’s face before.  About eleven years after this dream, Saddam Hussein invaded his neighbors and the Gulf War began.  The television constantly showed pictures and maps of the situation.  To be honest, it was the first time since fifth grade that I had seen a map of the area.  I ran to the television and said, “the tanks are coming from over here!” as I pointed to Saudi Arabia.  My husband asked me if Saddam was the man I had seen. I told him it was not Saddam, still wondering who it could be.  Obviously, this was not the war I had seen.

Sometime after that, I was walking through the living room with a load of clean laundry when I saw the man on the television.  A major network was doing an interview of a man from Saudi Arabia who was not all that important at the time.  It was Bin Laden.  I saw his face and threw the clothes on the couch to run and get my husband.  “It’s him!  The man in the tank!”  The attack on Israel that Bin Laden began has not stopped yet even though he is dead.  His influence will continue to ignite the war that will come to Israel.

I have done some thinking about the pink cloud from the second dream.  As a science teacher, I know that ionized hydrogen is pink.  What does it take to ionize hydrogen?  Something with sudden intense energy release.  Many possibilities fall into this description.  One would be a nuclear blast.  Another could be an asteroid hitting the planet.  And still another would be the eruption of a supervolcano….such as the one at Yellowstone Park that is past due to erupt….and it is to my West.  Or, it could be any combination of these like a supervolcano set off by an asteroid strike.  All I know is that it will kill many people, including myself.

When will all of this happen?  Who knows?!!  It took ten years for the second dream to happen and it seemed like that dream was just to show me that those dreams were to be taken seriously.  I do know one other thing.  I saw a woman on a scooter die shortly before the cloud arrived.  At the time of the dream, my mother was healthy.  Since then, she became afflicted with multiple sclerosis and rode a red scooter.  She died in July.

Now you know what I know.


5 thoughts on “Dreams of Prophecy

  1. Wow. What does somebody say to that. I think I have only had two dreams that can fall into that category and they don’t even compare. They were when I was pregnant the first time. I was hoping for a little girl because I didn’t have a clue about little boys. In my first trimester I had the potty training dream and knew without a doubt that I was having a boy. But, in my second trimester I had another dream. This one was of my husband sitting at a piano bench with a little girl. Brown hair spilled down her back.

    I had my red-headed boy. Four years later my black haired husband and I had a little girl with brown hair. And lately my husband has been talking about setting up his piano again after all this years of it being in storage. Take that a face value.

  2. I love it when we are introduced to future family members! It can be confusing sometimes, but then again it can be exact as we view it later on in life. I saw my son three months before I became pregnant and he is exactly what I saw. When I was pregnant with the second son, I ate a lot of tuna (this was before all the tuna was reported as having loads of mercury). I dreamed I gave birth to a fish! Obviously, this did not happen! But, he very intelligent from all the protein. He is a chemical engineer who thinks of calculus as a game. Now, as a grandmother, I have been introduced to each of my grands before they were born. I feel like I know them well by the time they get here. Even better, I think they remember it….especially when they are young. One of my grand daughters kept coming to me in dreams taking my hand and telling me, “Come on, Grandma, let’s go.” I did not know who was pregnant but I knew she was apparently my grandchild and she looked similar to Tiffani who turned out to be her older sister. When she was first born, I took her little hand and said, “Come on, Aubrey, let’s go.” I know that they say babies hours old do not smile, but she gave me the biggest smile right there! She was apparently happy that I had received her message. She is now an active one-year-old and every time I see her she takes my hand and I say the same thing. She smiles and goes with me.
    My first grand daughter visited with me nightly. We talked about everything! I remember one night I noticed that her hair was coming in. “Oh I see your hair is coming in. It looks like it will be very dark and I bet it is beautiful.” Her hair is almost black and it is beautiful. I felt like I knew her like an old friend by the time she was born. She is like me in many ways….including being sensitive to spirits. We are very close.

  3. I come from an Islamic background and I grew up with the belief that if you dream about something three nights in a row that means it’s prophetic. The dream comes from God. It’s His way of conveying a message to you. Congratulations to you! 🙂

    And… maybe you should write a book about the dream!

    Warm regards,

    Subhan Zein

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