Being Thankful for Your Spiritual Gifts

Among the many blessings for which I am thankful are the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to me.  At this time of year, we thank God for His many blessings.  We should not forget to include our spiritual gifts.

When Jesus ascended up into Heaven, He left us a comforter that we know as the Holy Spirit.  All of us have spiritual gifts.  Some of us are unaware of our gifts or we simply choose to ignore them, but we all have gifts.  It is part of the mystery that unfolded when God forgave us our sin through Jesus.

Of course, I am thankful for all of my blessings.  God has been so gracious to me with gifts of a beautiful family and friends who I love dearly.  I am surrounded by proof of God’s love.  He has also provided everything I could ever need in the way of material things.  I am not saying that I am wealthy according to earthly standards.  I am a retired school teacher so that should tell you that I am not going around just buying everything I want.  But I am very happy and blessed with what I have and it all came from God.  This includes my spiritual gifts.

It is truly a blessing to be able to see Spirit.  Those of you who have this gift understand what I am saying.  The comfort it gives me is unmeasurable in that I am secure in the knowledge that God is in control and that I am never alone.  I am surrounded by angels and the spirits of those who have passed before me and by the love of God.  I cannot imagine living without that knowledge because I would think that the confusion of life would just be horrendous to bear.

The gift is both a blessing and a responsibility.  We must be very thankful to God for this blessing, but we must also use our gifts for Him as He would have us use them.  With our gifts, we can give much comfort to those around us and those who are hurting.  We can comfort those who are about to pass with knowledge of where they are going and how it will be wonderful when they get there.  We can comfort those who have lost loved ones with the knowledge that their loved ones are not as far away as it may seem.

I am always blessed when I can be used to give someone else comfort. I believe it is for this purpose that I was given my gifts and it is when I am fulfilling this purpose that I am truly happy.  Thank you God!!!!!


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