Ghost Brother

What happens to the spirits of babies lost before birth through miscarriage or other disaster? Though I have never suffered through this kind of loss, I know many people who have. I cannot imagine wondering about where the child’s spirit went when it died. Did it go to Heaven? Is it able to be with you as other spirits are? My grandson just answered those questions.
You see, my daughter-in-law became pregnant with twins and one of them died when they were about six weeks along. The doctors plainly saw an empty sac on the sonogram and they worried about what effect it would have on the remaining twin. As they closely followed the pregnancy with sonograms, the empty sac just reabsorbed and the surviving twin (my grandson) developed normally. Of course, we were all sad that we had lost one of the babies as we believe that life begins at conception. We joyfully welcomed my grandson into the world. But I had to wonder if he knew his brother.
It seemed to me that he would have known on some spiritual level that there was another spirit with him in the womb. Did he wonder what happened to his twin? Was he going to be missing him somehow? There are just no answers to these questions in our logical world.
I wrote about my mother’s reunion with her miscarried boys shortly before her death in my book, Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium. Her body was still in the room with us, but her soul was not with us completely. She began to laugh and say things like, “Oh…My boys! They’re so cute!” At first this confused us because my parents only have two daughters and no living sons. Then we realized that she was talking and playing with the three baby boys she had miscarried years ago.
As if to confirm my beliefs on this, my grandson began to talk about his missing brother when he was old enough to talk well. I have only recently learned the full extent of his understanding.
Apparently, he talks to his brother all the time. His favorite thing to do is to stand in front of a mirror and solve all the problems of his young world with his brother. He tells everyone who will listen about him and refers to him as his “ghost brother” and explains that he looks just like him. Now, let me explain that he has never been told about the empty sac or the missing fetus. He came up with this on his own.
So, what does this all mean? It means that babies have spirits when they are conceived. It means that these little lost spirits remain with us even when we are not aware of them. It means that we will be reunited with them again when we leave this physical realm. It means that I will finally get to visit with my three brothers and my little lost grandson. It means that my grandson is not missing his lost brother.
How long will he be able to see him? Who knows? At least as a child, he is more open to seeing him. Maybe knowing that his brother is with him will allow my grandson to see him longer into adulthood. I hope so. I hope he is able to stay connected to his brother spiritually all his life. What a wonderful gift to be able to know that you are never alone and your brother is with you always.
And yet all of us know that. We are never alone. Those who have passed before us can always be with us. Beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Ghost Brother

  1. I recently gave readings at a psychic party. Two “babies” came through. The girl who died before she turned 1 was in her 30’s which was exactly right and the male fetus who miscarried because of a tubal pregnancy presented also.
    It can be shocking to someone who is not expecting to hear from children that were never born. I felt that the mothers were touched by this contact more than the rest of the information presented.
    I have a male child that I miscarried who visits me occasionally, also.
    It truly is comforting.

  2. Wow. That’s interesting, amazing and sad all at the same time. I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandson those many years ago Karen. I hope the brothers do keep their connection. I have heard of such special ties between twins like that. So maybe he won’t outgrow it.

    I was told my daughter used to play with Kristi. I suspect she will grow out of it, but on some level I hope she holds on to her sensitivity. Any talk like this scares my son so I’m okay with him closing his mind to it.

    I was also told that a girl/woman has been seen in my home that is not Kristi. When described to me I immediately thought of my other sister. But she was very young when she died and this spirit was older like me. For some reason I thought she should be trapped at that younger age, but reading your post I’m guessing their spirits can age with the times? Very curious.

    A very thought provoking post Karen.

  3. What a beautiful post. My Father was a twin and is sister died when they were five. He always knew she was with him, even when he was in his seventies. I used to hear him talking to her when I was a young girl and it was quite normal for Dad to still discuss things with her.
    My twin sister and I have both lost all our babies, through both miscarriages and ectopic(tubal) pregnancies. We were once with a very famous medium (in the UK) and he was giving a spiritual workshop. He literally stopped mid-sentence and came to us specifically to let us know that our children are safe and growing well. It was one of the most emotional messages we had ever received.

  4. What an interesting story! I love it. No one ever dies…not really. For whatever reason, your other grandson decided not to enter our physical world, but that doesn’t make him any less real! Your understanding and encouragement should help your “surviving” grandson stay connected. He’s a lucky boy. I love the story about your mom. How wonderful. I’ve always thought that death is nothing but a grand reunion for the one passing on. I can’t wait to see my family, friends and animals again! Well, I CAN wait, but I do look forward to it. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing these great stories.

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