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Being Thankful for Your Spiritual Gifts

Among the many blessings for which I am thankful are the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to me.  At this time of year, we thank God for His many blessings.  We should not forget to include our spiritual gifts.

When Jesus ascended up into Heaven, He left us a comforter that we know as the Holy Spirit.  All of us have spiritual gifts.  Some of us are unaware of our gifts or we simply choose to ignore them, but we all have gifts.  It is part of the mystery that unfolded when God forgave us our sin through Jesus.

Of course, I am thankful for all of my blessings.  God has been so gracious to me with gifts of a beautiful family and friends who I love dearly.  I am surrounded by proof of God’s love.  He has also provided everything I could ever need in the way of material things.  I am not saying that I am wealthy according to earthly standards.  I am a retired school teacher so that should tell you that I am not going around just buying everything I want.  But I am very happy and blessed with what I have and it all came from God.  This includes my spiritual gifts.

It is truly a blessing to be able to see Spirit.  Those of you who have this gift understand what I am saying.  The comfort it gives me is unmeasurable in that I am secure in the knowledge that God is in control and that I am never alone.  I am surrounded by angels and the spirits of those who have passed before me and by the love of God.  I cannot imagine living without that knowledge because I would think that the confusion of life would just be horrendous to bear.

The gift is both a blessing and a responsibility.  We must be very thankful to God for this blessing, but we must also use our gifts for Him as He would have us use them.  With our gifts, we can give much comfort to those around us and those who are hurting.  We can comfort those who are about to pass with knowledge of where they are going and how it will be wonderful when they get there.  We can comfort those who have lost loved ones with the knowledge that their loved ones are not as far away as it may seem.

I am always blessed when I can be used to give someone else comfort. I believe it is for this purpose that I was given my gifts and it is when I am fulfilling this purpose that I am truly happy.  Thank you God!!!!!

Ghost Brother

What happens to the spirits of babies lost before birth through miscarriage or other disaster? Though I have never suffered through this kind of loss, I know many people who have. I cannot imagine wondering about where the child’s spirit went when it died. Did it go to Heaven? Is it able to be with you as other spirits are? My grandson just answered those questions.
You see, my daughter-in-law became pregnant with twins and one of them died when they were about six weeks along. The doctors plainly saw an empty sac on the sonogram and they worried about what effect it would have on the remaining twin. As they closely followed the pregnancy with sonograms, the empty sac just reabsorbed and the surviving twin (my grandson) developed normally. Of course, we were all sad that we had lost one of the babies as we believe that life begins at conception. We joyfully welcomed my grandson into the world. But I had to wonder if he knew his brother.
It seemed to me that he would have known on some spiritual level that there was another spirit with him in the womb. Did he wonder what happened to his twin? Was he going to be missing him somehow? There are just no answers to these questions in our logical world.
I wrote about my mother’s reunion with her miscarried boys shortly before her death in my book, Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium. Her body was still in the room with us, but her soul was not with us completely. She began to laugh and say things like, “Oh…My boys! They’re so cute!” At first this confused us because my parents only have two daughters and no living sons. Then we realized that she was talking and playing with the three baby boys she had miscarried years ago.
As if to confirm my beliefs on this, my grandson began to talk about his missing brother when he was old enough to talk well. I have only recently learned the full extent of his understanding.
Apparently, he talks to his brother all the time. His favorite thing to do is to stand in front of a mirror and solve all the problems of his young world with his brother. He tells everyone who will listen about him and refers to him as his “ghost brother” and explains that he looks just like him. Now, let me explain that he has never been told about the empty sac or the missing fetus. He came up with this on his own.
So, what does this all mean? It means that babies have spirits when they are conceived. It means that these little lost spirits remain with us even when we are not aware of them. It means that we will be reunited with them again when we leave this physical realm. It means that I will finally get to visit with my three brothers and my little lost grandson. It means that my grandson is not missing his lost brother.
How long will he be able to see him? Who knows? At least as a child, he is more open to seeing him. Maybe knowing that his brother is with him will allow my grandson to see him longer into adulthood. I hope so. I hope he is able to stay connected to his brother spiritually all his life. What a wonderful gift to be able to know that you are never alone and your brother is with you always.
And yet all of us know that. We are never alone. Those who have passed before us can always be with us. Beautiful!

Paranormal vs. Coincidence: It was the ghost of Billy afterall!

What makes a ghost hang around instead of going home to the Afterlife?  Maybe it is the desire to be an invisible friend to a child.  This is a followup blog to ‘Balloon Attack’.

So my three-year-old granddaughter came to see me this weekend and she set me straight on something that had bewildered me.  If you read my blog named ‘Balloon Attack’, I mentioned that I was not sure if the events that occurred in that room that night were paranormal or just coincidence.

To refresh my readers’ memories, we had gone to my granddaughter’s birthday party and we stayed that night at her house.  I am always the last one to bed so it is dark in the room when I climb into bed.  I immediately saw spirit when I got into bed.  It showed itself to be a blue color and I spoke to it. “Yes, I know you are here….Hi.” Then, I just went to bed because I was very tired.

It was not very long after I fell to sleep that a box fell from a dresser to the floor with a thud.  I rolled over and thought about it for a second, then decided that it could be just coincidence and fell to sleep again.  Before long, I was awakened again by the string of a helium balloon brushing up against my face.  When I opened my eyes, I saw it moving around the room coming back for more so I grabbed it and put it in a nearby bassinet and covered it with clothing items I found close by.  Sure enough, it escaped and came back for more fun, only this time it woke my husband also.  I grabbed it again and took it out to the hall to tie it to a doorknob out there.  Fortunately, it did not escape that trap.  In the morning, I justified to myself that it was all just normal occurrences.  Wrong.

It seems my granddaughter has an imaginary ‘friend’ named Billy.  When she cannot find things, she tells her mother that Billy moved hid it from her.  My daughter-in-law told me that there is constant chatter coming from her daughter’s room.  When she asks who her daughter is talking to, she is told “Billy”.

Then, there’s the baby.  The baby wakes up in the middle of the night or day and just smiles and coos and ‘talks’ to someone nobody can see.  Her older sister tells her mother that it is Billy.

Now, I could believe that it could be just an imaginary friend.  But there are a few things that tell me otherwise.  First of all, ‘Billy’ is not a name my granddaughter has known.  It is not a name that is in vogue at the time and she has never heard the name as far as her mother knows.  Next, I saw spirit in the house and then was tormented by it myself!

Children are just more open and are therefore more able to see spirits.  My other granddaughter visited with her other grandmother daily for six years….the only problem was that the grandmother died two months before she was born and she spoke only Spanish.  When questioned about how she could understand her grandmother because she spoke only Spanish, my granddaughter said she had no trouble understanding her.

So, I just threw the doubt out the window finally and accepted that my granddaughter has a great little spirit friend named Billy, who turns out to be quite the prankster!

People Interested in Spirit Often Ask Me What Spirit Looks Like

I am often asked what I see when I see Spirit.  There are not words to describe them.  There are not colors here on earth to compare with them.  They are absolutely gorgeous!

The very first time I saw spirits it completely confused me.  I looked over towards my closet and saw….Lights?….that would be the closest earth term I can use.  I am sure it is a form of energy of some kind.  Being a science teacher, I know something about forms of energy.  The form of energy that comes closest to what I see is plasma.  Plasma is the most energetic of all the forms that we know on earth.  An example that everyone can relate to is lightning.  It is intense.

The spirits I see are all different from each other in color and intensity.  It is like a fingerprint.  I recognize certain spirits by their color and intensity.  I have one that comes to me more often than others and it is a green in color ( I believe it is my grandfather).  I wish I could describe this color thing to you better, but green is as close as it comes.  There is no color on earth that I have ever seen that is like this green.  I know my mother’s spirit to be a kind of purplish-pink with small sparkles inside it.  Immediately after my mother died, the green spirit brought her to me so I could recognize her when I saw her.  I have seen royal blue, red and even black spirits (you want to stay away from black spirits).  I even saw a spirit with a small spirit inside of it (a pregnant spirit?).

These lights have definite edges that are constantly changing.  The edges roll.  It is like paint being poured out in slow motion onto a surface or like an ocean wave falling down and foaming up.  The edges are often iridescent and I am in awe of their beauty every time I see them.

There is a young artist who paints scenes of Heaven.  Her name is Akiana and she has been painting these scenes since she was three years old.  She has her own website for her art and you should look her up just to see what she has painted.  The first time I encountered her art was after I had read the book, Heaven is for Real, where a small boy dies and goes to Heaven and then returns with knowledge a three-year-old does not usually have.  He saw Jesus and when they would show him pictures of Jesus in Sunday school after his event, he would correct them and say things like “His hair is not that long” or “His eyes aren’t that color”.  Then one day he saw Akiana’s painting of Jesus and he exclaimed “That’s Him!”

When I went to Akiana’s website, I saw the closest images I have ever seen to what I see when I see Spirit.  I loved her art so much that I wanted to buy the pictures of Spirit, but I could not afford her price.  All I can say is that she has seen what I have seen, and that is a great comfort to me.

And these lights communicate to me somehow.  I do not hear words or anything like that from these lights.  Thoughts just appear in my brain and I understand them somehow.  They have given me bad news and good news in the past.  The full accounts of all of these messages are in my book, Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium.

So, the Spirit I see is not the usual ghost image that most people connect with seeing the departed, though I have seen those also.  I do not know the difference between the types of spirits except to guess that maybe the lights have crossed over and the others are earthbound spirits.

I guess that I will have to wait until I die to ask these questions.  There is so much I do not know.  There is so much to learn!

Talking About Spirit

Today I decided to have a vender booth at a Trades Day in San Saba. I set up my little table with my two books, Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium and Weapon of Jihad next to other venders with tables full of great jewelry and hand-made crafts. My poor little table looked a little out of place among the other tables. But, I found that it was great fun to talk to people about Growing Up Weird because they were very interested in the topic. I love finding people who understand Spirit the way I do. The conversations were fascinating and I know I found friends with kindred spirits. I will have to do that more often!