The Learning Goes On

This week I devoted many hours to marketing and publicity. I love the writing, but this other job is intense! There is so much to learn and I am only now getting a glimpse of what is involved.
I went to a local market fair on Saturday and set up a table with my two books proudly displayed. Weapon of Jihad is so very different from Growing Up Weird in so many ways. Weapon of Jihad is supposedly fiction (though some of it happened on 9/11 two years after we first had it published) and Growing Up Weird is nonfiction. I found that Weapon of Jihad attracted mostly men, but some women and Growing Up Weird attracted many more men than I thought it would. Women loved it also, but the men seemed to be able to relate it to some relative such as a Grandmother or Aunt. The men actually grew somewhat misty-eyed and then bought the book. This was certainly a surprise to me.
Another surprise was the number of people who just opened up to me about their own experiences. I knew there were many like myself out there, but I did not know how willingly (almost eagerly) they would reveal these intimate situations to me as a complete stranger. I talked to so many people that I actually lost my voice and it has not returned to me as of this writing. It’s a good thing I can communicate this way as it is the only communicating I will be doing for a while.
I think I will begin part 2 of this book now. I am going to make a collection of stories from people who want to share their stories, but remain anonymous. I think that it will make quite an interesting collection of readings. What do you think? Are you interested in contributing to the collection? Just email me or leave a comment.


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