Animals and Children and Spirit

One advantage of these gifts of God is that the Holy Spirit is readily obvious to animals and children. I am not quite sure how this works, but my gift seems to attract both.
I have always been famous for my “ways” with animals. Of course my cats are mostly one-person pets and they follow me like an entourage around the house. I have one cat that nobody even sees but he lands on my lap every time I have one. Strays that we find outside on the ranch will run from everyone else, but come mewing up to me. It is like they sense something in me that they trust. I believe that it is Spirit.
I once raised a bobcat kitten in my house. The mother had been killed when the kittens already had their eyes open, so they were not gentle at all. In fact, they were like little buzz saws! My husband scooped them up wearing very thick leather gloves and a brush jacket and put them in a cat crate. When he got them home, I fed them and watered them, but they would not eat because they were so upset. I finally decided to gear up with all the thick leather and get one out to try to calm it down. At first, she freaked out and did her best to get away and scratch me but after a few moments, she looked up at me and completely relaxed. I started loving on her ears and head and before I knew it she was purring. Did you know that bobcats have a very LOUD purr? It was more like a diesel truck running than a cat purr.
We became fast friends ( I no longer needed all the leather) and she would ride around on my neck like a scarf as I walked through the house. She slept on my bed and I fed her like a queen. But she never even pretended to like anyone else. For two years, she lived in my house and was my best friend and then she became hormonal and decided to go live out on the ranch. She would stop by and wait at the gate for me to come out so she could lead me to the barn and we could sit and quietly commune for about thirty minutes before she wandered back out to the ranch.
She was not the only ranch animal that reacted to me this way. My husband would find abandoned baby mohair goats and try to feed them a bottle. The babies always refused him. So he would scoop them up and bring them to me. After a few moments of gentle talking and petting, the babies would respond by trying to take the bottle. I raised many sanchos this way, including goats, sheep and calves.
My horse is MY horse…that is she never gives me any trouble but even bucks if someone else tries to ride her. I had been looking for a horse and was at a horse trader’s ranch. I saw her (she is a beautiful leopard appaloosa) but was told that she did not like women. As I looked through the other horses, she pushed her way towards me an nudged me to get my attention. The horse trader was amazed! “She has never done that before!” was all he could say. I tried her out and she was an angel for me so I bought her and brought her home. She still comes to me for treats and brushing but stays away from everyone else. We are great friends and she takes good care of me when I ride to make sure she does not go under low branches and things.
Children and babies are the same way with me. They just look at me and seem to know to trust me. I have had countless lost children find me in stores and I go help them find their moms. They just walk up an put their little hands in my hand. I must have “mommy” stamped on my forehead or something.
It was the same way even with my high school students. It was a small school district and we as high school teachers would always hear things like, “Oh, just wait till you get ____!” At first, I worried about these students coming up, but I soon learned that they never gave me any trouble. My colleagues would carry on about ______ but I always had a good experience with them. Some of them became some of my favorites…I know I was not supposed to have those but I did.
My point in all of this is that innocents are able to discern Spirit. Why is it not obvious to adults? We are far too distracted by the world to be able to see things like that. But, if you ask God in earnest to be able to see more Spirit, he will give you that gift and you will be much more aware of what is truly around you. Those of you who are gifted already know all about this…you have probably had the same experiences. I believe we are to use these gifts for His purpose. He put us here to comfort others, whether they be children or animals or just innocent people, and I for one crave accomplishing that.


Warned by a vision!

Yesterday I went to visit my father who lives in a different city.  As far as I knew, everything was fine there.  As I was driving, I saw a traffic sign that said, “God work ahead”.  That made me do a double take and when I looked at it again it said, “Road work ahead”.  I immediately had a feeling that all was not well with my dad.  Sure enough, I found him with several different problems and I was able to visit with him and help him with much of it.  I love how God warns me about things….this was a new one for me.

The Learning Goes On

This week I devoted many hours to marketing and publicity. I love the writing, but this other job is intense! There is so much to learn and I am only now getting a glimpse of what is involved.
I went to a local market fair on Saturday and set up a table with my two books proudly displayed. Weapon of Jihad is so very different from Growing Up Weird in so many ways. Weapon of Jihad is supposedly fiction (though some of it happened on 9/11 two years after we first had it published) and Growing Up Weird is nonfiction. I found that Weapon of Jihad attracted mostly men, but some women and Growing Up Weird attracted many more men than I thought it would. Women loved it also, but the men seemed to be able to relate it to some relative such as a Grandmother or Aunt. The men actually grew somewhat misty-eyed and then bought the book. This was certainly a surprise to me.
Another surprise was the number of people who just opened up to me about their own experiences. I knew there were many like myself out there, but I did not know how willingly (almost eagerly) they would reveal these intimate situations to me as a complete stranger. I talked to so many people that I actually lost my voice and it has not returned to me as of this writing. It’s a good thing I can communicate this way as it is the only communicating I will be doing for a while.
I think I will begin part 2 of this book now. I am going to make a collection of stories from people who want to share their stories, but remain anonymous. I think that it will make quite an interesting collection of readings. What do you think? Are you interested in contributing to the collection? Just email me or leave a comment.

Balloon attack!

Sometimes things happen that could be paranormal or they could be just coincidence. This weekend was just one good example.
We stayed at the home of a relative after a birthday party. We were very tired after a long drive and we were eager to get to sleep. But, when I turned off the lights, I immediately knew we were not alone. I have no idea who this light was. I have never seen this one before. As it turned out, I think it loved to play pranks.
Just after we had fallen to sleep, a loud thud woke me up. It sounded like a box hitting the floor. I was so tired that I just ignored it and went back to sleep.
The next thing I knew was the sensation of something lightly brushing across my face. Well, that brought me out of my sound sleep. I stared into the dark room and noticed that there was a loose helium balloon with a ribbon floating around the room. I got up and grabbed the ribbon to capture the balloon and I stuffed it into a tight fit in a pile of things close to my bed. Then I went to sleep.
A little time later, I was awakened again by the ribbon brushing up against my face. Now, I was getting irritated. I watched the balloon as it danced around the room seemingly taunting me. It had apparently also awakened my husband. Enough!
I had to literally chase the balloon around the room to catch it and I took it out to the hall. I carefully tied the ribbon to the door handle of the hall closet and then went back to bed.
Now, this is one of those events that could have been caused by natural forces. I still do not know for sure if a spirit was torturing us with the balloon or if it was just a loose balloon. I have to wonder if it was paranormal, however, because I had just seen a spirit in the room and because something had managed to make a box fall. Whatever the cause, we did not sleep well. I can guarantee that I will pray hardily before I climb into that bed again if we go visit there.
Just another day in my weird life.

A Great User Review!

Spirit-Today I got my very first reader review on for my book, Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium. I LOVED it! If you get a chance, go to and search “Growing Up Weird” to go read it. It confirmed my hope for the book. I am hoping that people find it fascinating to learn about things of the Spirit.