Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium


Hello Everyone!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Karen and I have recently decided that I should confess a secret I have hidden for years. I have the gifts of Prophecy and Discernment that God has given me to use for His purposes. I grew up very confused because I was never taught about these gifts in the churches I attended. In fact, many of them let it be known that they did not believe that God has current prophets. They believed that those gifts were only for the original church. I am here to say that they are wrong.

It plainly says in the  Bible that He will poor out his gift of prophecy on many in the last days…and I believe we are there. I allowed the opinions of others to keep me silent for many years in an effort to avoid confrontation and keep peace in the Church. Now, I believe that it is time to tell the truth.

My hope is to help others out there who have the gifts and who do not know what to do with them. I am not claiming to be all-knowing about these things. Everything I know has been gleaned by experience. For 45 years, I have stumbled along with the gift, learning along the way about the purposes, pitfalls and dangers involved. I have no control over the gift by choice. After taking control of the gift and using it inappropriately, I asked forgiveness and I asked that God only give me what He wants me to know or do. He has honored that request.

Recently, my grandchildren have begun to exhibit the gifts and I have decided that I must help them learn more about their gifts and what to do with them. I am insistent that they realize that these gifts come from God and they must use them for His Honor and Glory only. The temptations to use them for one’s own purposes are rampant and start early.

To help them understand a little more, I have written a book called Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium. In this book, I have chronicled all the events of my life concerning the gift and explained what I have learned about them. I then realized that there are many more people like myself out there in the world who might also like to read it.

It is my hope that, with this blog, I can connect with others who have had similar experiences. My gift did not end when I published this book. I continue to have manifestations of the gift and God continues to bless me by letting me serve Him. It is here, on this blog, that I will continue to chronicle the mysterious events that go along with this gift.

If you would like to ride along with me or contact me, add your email address to the list at the right. Whenever anything happens, I will post it here. Also, you will be able to buy the book on It is available in ebook format or as a paperback or audiobook.

This Paranormal Location is REAL

What would you say if I told you that a paranormal portal really exists? According to the owner of the land, they regularly watch Marfa Lights or Orbs from their front porch as the mysterious lights dance and glow in the pasture under the portal.  And that is not the weirdest thing about the location!

My interest in the portal began when I realized that a certain place in the sky was always the opposite of whatever else was going on around it. If the majority of the sky was sunny, this hole in the sky was cloudy. And, if the rest of the sky was cloudy, this hole was sunny. I noticed it because I drove past it daily. I knew the owner of the ranch so I asked about it one day.

“Oh, that’s the least of the weird things about that place!” was the reply.

The owner began to tell me all about it. The pasture under the hole is the best pasture on the ranch…. BUT the animals will not go into it… EVER. They told me that the UPS man races to get their things delivered before dark…. because the lights chase him!

They also have a small guest house on the edge of the pasture that has been made into a workshop where the owner carves birds from wood and paints them as a hobby. One day, she had been painting for several hours, using different brushes that were being removed from and placed back into a very large mason jar filled with water. Each time she switched brushes, she placed the previous one back into the water, pushing the brush down to the bottom. Suddenly, all the brushes popped up and out of the jar and, when she looked to see what caused it, she found a huge frog completely filling the jar. It hopped out of the jar and went scooting across to….. you guessed it…. that pasture. No explanation at all!!!

I was teaching high school at the time that I became aware of the location and I had her daughters in my class. I can remember a Friday when all the girls were all chattering excitedly about the fun slumber party they had planned…. in the guest house. The next Monday, the girls came to me and told me a very interesting story. They said that they had all gathered for the party and had their pizza and their music cranked up high. Suddenly, the lights came into the guest house and dove on them as they freaked out and ran for their lives up to the main house. At first when they told me this, I thought they might be pulling their old teacher’s leg a bit. But ten years later, my own daughter-in-law told me that she had been there and witnessed the whole thing…. exactly as the girls had described it.

So…. you give that much to a fiction writer and……  The Hole in the Sky Portal One was born! If you are interested in reading the scary story I attached to the real thing, here is a link.

And, if you buy it, would you also be so kind as to leave a wonderful review for it? I would so greatly appreciate it!

Oh, BTW…. I am sworn to secrecy about the actual location of this place. Let me just say that it is in Texas somewhere…. not Marfa.

New Paranormal Thriller!!!!

The Hole in the Sky: Portal Persuasion will soon be published! Within a month, the book that has been brewing in my head for twenty years will finally be released! Based on an actual paranormal location, this fiction thriller will transport you into the terrifying world of Dana, Luke and all the other residents of a small town as Evil gathers its forces in an attempt to invade Heaven through a portal.

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Terrorists! Immigrants from Muslim countries! These are our headlines recently. We wrote our book, Weapon of Jihad, in 1999 but it is even more current today. Get your FREE copy today only.

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Saying Goodbye in a Premonition Dream

  I have always had prophetic dreams, but this one involved a spiritual connection with my aunt who was, unknowingly to me, dying at the time. And I loved it!

  My Aunt Millie was my mother’s oldest sister and I had plenty of visiting time with her when I was growing up. Her energy was amazing! She was the spitfire of all the sisters and it was always interesting to me to just watch her live her life. She was a very strong woman with a positive attitude that led her into many fun times. Even at age 91, she was in the process of sneaking past her daughters to get her driver’s license renewed. They had to watch her like a hawk.

  My dream occurred about a month before her death. I dreamed that her two daughters, my sister and I were all together in a kitchen somewhere. My aunt walked into the door and said, “Well, Girls, it’s been fun but I need to go now.” She turned to leave and I ran up to her to stop her. I told her how much I had enjoyed being in this life with her and how much she had affected me for the good. I told her how much I loved her. Then, she just smiled and turned to walk out the door.

  When I awoke that morning, I called my sister to ask her how Aunt Millie was doing. I told her about the dream. Aunt Milli had just had her 91st birthday and she was doing great. She had had a slight problem with her heart, but the doctors had corrected it and she was out and about like she always was. My sister called my cousin, her daughter, and discovered that Aunt Milli had nearly died the night I had the dream.

  But she recovered quickly and, like I wrote before, was even in the process of renewing her license. I began to think that my dream was just a dream. Then I got a call from my sister telling me that Aunt Millie had passed suddenly in the night. It took me by surprise as she had been doing so well.

  I was sad for my cousins’ loss but I was happy that I got to tell her all the things I wanted to say to her before she passed. I just have the feeling that she must have had the same dream I had dreamed…..and we had connected spiritually so I could tell her goodbye….a month before her death.

This gift is full of surprises and learning experiences.

You can read more about my learning curve in my book.



Spirit Follows me to Disney

I am always amazed at the ways God puts me where He wants me to be. I honestly thought I was just going to Disney, but He had plans for me….even there.

We ran all over Disney last week and did our very best to keep up with the grand kids. But, on the third day of Disney Bootcamp, we encountered an attraction that involved the audience sitting on the ground to watch a show. I drew the line at that demand because I knew that I would never be able to get back up if I sat down on the ground for thirty minutes. The kids ran happily to the sitting area and I searched the wall for a place for me to at least lean. Someone else must have had the same problem because, to my great relief, there was a single bench that ran along the wall. Several other people had already filled up the bench but there was one place remaining for me. So, I happily took my place.

I turned to the woman sitting next to me and made some comment about how very nice it was for them to provide the bench. The show had not started yet so we started visiting. I asked her where she lived and she told me she was from South Carolina. I had seen a report earlier in the day about the huge snowstorm there and I mentioned it to her. She began to tell me that all her employees had been desperately calling her and asking if they had to go to work because of the icy driving conditions. So I asked what business she was in and she told me she was part of a team of people who do grief counseling at a hospital.

Then, she continued on to tell me that, after many years of counseling others, she had recently lost her daughter and nobody really knew how to help her. She said that she was used to helping grieving families who had lost babies, but her own situation was just so different.

Words started coming out of my mouth without me thinking them…again…and I knew God was using me there so I just let it flow. I found myself telling her the story about my mother’s passing and how, when she was mostly on the other side, she began to laugh and smile to something somewhere that we could not see. We asked her what she was doing and she laughed and said, “I’m playing with my boys! They are so cute!”

It took us a few seconds before we understood what was happening. My mother only had two children and we were both girls. She had, however, miscarried three boys who had been about six months along when she lost them. So, her sons had come to meet her at the door! And that means that I will get to meet my brothers someday too!

After I told her that story, she got very quiet and I noticed she had tears in her eyes. She wiped her eyes and the show began so we had to stop talking. But, the message had been sent. When I thought about that later, I realized that I had just given her a message that obviously affected her and would probably be related to others who were hurting because of miscarriages. So, God used me to comfort her and also managed to possibly comfort many others in a state where I would never be. Amazing!

God is so amazing!

You can read my book in ebook, paperback or audiobook format at

Pets in the Afterlife

Last month, I lost my little chihuahua, Peanut. He was very old and had some problems so I did not begrudge him leaving me. At least, he will never have to go through another winter with me demanding that he do his business outside. He used to look at me as if to say “Why did you make it so cold out here?” every time I took him out.

But I have so many questions about what happens to our pets when they pass. Staunch Christians say that they do not have a spirit so they can’t go to Heaven. But what if Heaven would not be Heaven without them? Do we get to have them just so we can be happy?

Personally, I feel he did go to Heaven. As I wept after finding his little body, I felt my mother’s spirit surround me suddenly and she showed me that she had Peanut with her in her lap. I started laughing and crying at the same time, realizing that both of them would be supremely happy with that. Mom always had a little dog in her lap and Peanut loved being on a lap. So, to me, Peanut went to Heaven and he’s waiting for me on my mother’s lap. I will get to see him again!

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To my readers….Thank you so much! I hope that my accounts of my spiritual gift have helped to encourage you to recognize your own gifts. I truly enjoy hearing from you and visiting about your experiences also.

An Award from a Sister Medium!

versatile-blogger-awardThank you, Mia, of Lights of Clarity, for this generous award for my blog! I think I know what I am supposed to do here, so here it goes….

7 Things about myself…

1. I am an Army Brat. It helped to shape me into what I am today. I am great at packing and making new friends, but I am terrible at cleaning closets because I never had to.

2. My degree in Microbiology was just enough to keep me very interested so I read journals to keep current. It has helped me in my writing.

3. I love animals and they love me. My family thinks of me as the ‘Ellie Mae’ of the family. I can make even the wildest animals trust me. I really think I can connect with them.

4. I raised a bobcat in my house. She was my best friend and used to ride around my shoulders as I walked through the cold house. She slept on my bed. She lived with me for 2 years before she became hormonal and went out to the ranch to live her life. She did, however, come back to check on me periodically.

5. Tornadoes like me too much. I have lived through one of them, thanks to our babysitter throwing us into a closet and praying, and more than I can count have approached me. I have finally learned how to make them leave. When God says you can speak to a mountain and make it move, He also means you can make tornadoes move.

6. My grandfather (long deceased) once showed up in my living room in solid form to tell me to relax and sit down as a tornado approached my house and there was nowhere for me to go. He sat on the couch across from me until the danger passed. I know he is always watching out for me. He is green in spirit.

7. I ride horses and I am apparently a horse whisperer of sorts. My horse chose me and for years, she would not let anyone else ride her. She finally let me know that she has a very tender mouth and needs a different kind of bridle and bit so now others can ride her. I can just think about her and she comes up to the fence by my house for treats. There are times that we just stand together and hug.

I would like to nominate these blogs for the award….



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Holy Spirit Keeps Working….Even When I Go on a Cruise to Alaska


Holy Spirit Keeps Working....Even When I Go on a Cruise to Alaska

God blessed me with an Alaskan Cruise for our Anniversary. Even as I packed for the trip, I kept getting the message that I would be meeting someone who I could help. Sure enough, a wonderful person chose the seat next to me on the plane. We visited for a while before she revealed to me that her father had just died the night before and she was on her way to the funeral. Having been through the same thing last October, I could completely relate to her pain. As we continued to visit, I think I helped her some. But the real surprise to me was that our conversation helped to heal some of the hurt I still carry over my own father’s death. God works in wonderful ways. Anyway, if she is reading this I want to tell her that I have been praying for her and her family and that she helped me too. Our God knows what we need, even if we do not.

Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium New Review

I just received a new review for ‘Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium’.
“I could not put this book down. It was written so well. The author is sincere and genuine throughout the book telling her life story about being psychic. Never once did she charge for help or solicit to do readings, rather it is about HER experiences on a day to day basis with the unknown. She will be a great help to all her gifted grandchildren to guide and advise them as they discover their own gifts. Absolutely. Get this book. “

Thank you so much to this lovely reader who took the time to write this review for me!

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Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium Interview

Guess What Everybody! I am going to be interviewed Sunday night at 8 Central time about my book, Growing Up Weird: Confessions of a Closet Medium! I am so excited! I will be sending out a link for you when I get it. I hope you can listen to it!

Investigations of the Unexplained
Hosted by Hunter Joe and sarge
Featuring Paraanne of Spirits Wake

Audiobook in Production

This book will be available as an audiobook within a month! L.A. Voiceover is doing the production. I just LOVE Deon’s voice and inflection. I wrote the book, but she makes even me get chills hearing it. I will keep you posted as to the release date!

My Medium Story Now in Audiobook Production


#9 Today on in parapsychology! Thank you everyone! The audiobook edition is being produced so I will let you know when it is available.


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Needless to say, I am thrilled….Does anybody know any audio producers?

When the Spirits Come Out to Play at Christmas

Do ghosts like Christmas? Yes. Do they like remote control helicopters? Yes.

When my family is here, I do my best to keep things normal for them. But sometimes things are not in my control.

My grandchildren gleefully opened their gifts and began to play immediately. The toddlers rode their riding toys, the older ones played with their new dolls and the near-teen began putting on her fake fingernails. Among the gifts put off until later were two remote-controlled helicopters.

Of course, these needed batteries and the instructions waited to be read. Finally, when things began to settle down, my son began to explore the helicopters and what they could do. We were in the house because it was so cold outside so the little helicopters buzzed first the Christmas tree and then the cat. Nobody was safe.

Finally, bath time came and the adults busied themselves with all that is required there. My grandson saw his opportunity to finally get to play with his helicopter without his Dad’s ‘help’. Both of the remotes were sitting quietly on the dining table and my grandson picked up the helicopter and started toward the remote. But before he could get to it, the little helicopter took off out of his hand! He and I watched as the helicopter hovered and flew around the room, seemingly without anyone running it. My grandson turned to me and said, “It’s doing that by itself!” The very second another adult came back into the room, the helicopter dropped out of the air to the floor.

Now, my grandson and I knew what we had just seen. Nobody could tell us that we had not just witnessed that toy play with itself. But when we tried to tell the others what had just happened, they all tried to come up with things to explain that away. But the fact was that the remotes were both resting on the table.

A little history might help here. My grandson had a twin that was reabsorbed early on in the pregnancy. Nobody ever told him this and we were very careful not to let him hear about it. In fact, we pretty much forgot it…..until he started talking to someone at age 4. When asked who he was talking to, he replied, “My twin brother.” Hmmm. There was no way he knew about the fact that there had been a twin. But he regularly talks to his twin to this day. He stands in front of the mirror and talks to him. We asked him what his twin looks like and he said the twin looks just like him. He has now given him a name…Jayden.

So, I truly believe Jayden wanted his turn with the helicopter too.  Merry Christmas Jayden!